About me I am a Marie Curie Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), University of Lisbon, Portugal, and author of A Igreja Católica e o Estado Novo Salazarista (https://www.wook.pt/livro/a-igreja-catolica-e-o-estado-novo-salazarista-duncan-simpson/15444493). For more information on my research interests and publications please go to: https://www.ics.ulisboa.pt/en/pessoa/duncan-alastair-simpson About the blog The historiography of the Salazarist secret police (PIDE)Continue reading

The ‘Sad Grandmother’ denunciation letter to the PIDE (1970)

In this anonymous letter, written by a ‘Sad Grandmother’ and received by the Salazarist political police on 26 February 1970, the author denounces the publication of a book entitled ‘Liberdade de Amar’ (original English title ‘The Freedom of Sexual Love’). She has caught her granddaughter reading it and, after browsing through it herself, equates itsContinue reading “The ‘Sad Grandmother’ denunciation letter to the PIDE (1970)”

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